5 Types Of Penetration Testing

5 Types Of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a form of testing a system, network or Web application to find vulnerabilities that attackers will exploit. This is not just a running an automated vulnerability scanner. Manual pen testing is performed by skilled white hat hackers who dig deep into your environment to find bugs that could affect your system, network or application(s).

There are several areas where extensive penetration testing is required. So what type of penetration test do you need to protect yourself from black hat hackers and make your application secure?

Here are five different penetration tests. One or more will match your systems and environments.

1. Application security testing

The goal of the application security testing is to test the security functionality of the web application. Vulnerabilities and gaps occur during the development of insecure architecture and applications.Common security vulnerability found in applications are:

  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Remote code execution
  • Broken authentication
  • CSRF

2. Cloud penetration testing

The goal here is to test the security configuration of the data storage, infrastructure, and services of the application hosted on your cloud vendor or AWS, Google Cloud or Azure.

3. Network penetration test

The goal of a network penetration test is to identify security vulnerability in servers, workstations, network services, and network architecture.Common security vulnerability found in networks are:

  • Misconfiguration of firewalls, and operating systems
  • Insecure protocols
  • Improper certificate validation

4. Segmentation check

The goal of a segmentation check is to recognize whether there is access to a secure network due to misconfiguration of the firewall.Common security vulnerability found in segmentation check are:

  • TCP access is allowed where it should not be
  • ICMP (ping) access is granted where it should not be

5. Social Engineering and OSINT assessment

The goal of the Social Engineering assessment is to check your human defense against the potential phishing, vishing, and SMiShing attacks. In these kinds of attacks, the attacker tries to take advantage of the employee and fool them into performing something they shouldn’t like clicking on the attachment or links in the phishing email.Common social engineering vulnerabilities that are threat to organization are:

  • Employee clicked on the malicious link in the phishing email
  • Employee posted something critical to the company on social media.
  • Employee plugged an unknown USB into their system.

As a summary, your IT environment is on the left with its appropriate pen test.

A web application or API = Application Security Testing
Infrastructure = Network and Wi-Fi Penetration Testing 
PCI compliance = Segmentation check 
Cloud-based application= Cloud penetration testing (AWS, Azure, and Google) and Application Security Testing 
Company and Employee = Threat Landscape Assessment 

Now, you can choose a penetration test that matches your business needs and budget.

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